Tea Recipe: Lebu Cha

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Make yourself a cup of immune-boosting Lebu Cha!

What you need:

◎ 500ml Water

◎ 3tsp Harney's Ceylon & India Orange Pekoe

◎ 3tbsp Sugar

◎ 0.5tsp Ginger Powder

◎ 0.5tsp Black Salt (Kala Namak)

◎ 1.5tbsp Fresh Lemon Juice

*Feel free to adjust the seasonings and spices to suit your palate!

How to cook:


  1. Place a clean saucepan on stove-top over on medium heat and add 500 ml of water plus the sugar
  2.  When you see bubbles form at the bottom of pan, add the tea granules and heat/boil just for a minute, or till the time you see the infusion turning into a lovely light caramel color. (Boiling any more would result in a darker bitter tea with an unpleasant after taste.)
  3.  As soon as you see that it is the color, remove the saucepan and turn the stove off, to avoid overheating the tea.
  4. Strain/filter the tea into a container.
  5. Add ground ginger, black salt and lime juice. You will see the tea color change from caramel to deep yellow!
  6. Stir, divide in tea cups and serve immediately. 


Recipe by oneuponasupper.com 

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