Q: I have a question about my order, how do I contact you?

A: You can contact us via email at If you are writing to us about an order you have already placed, please include your order number if possible.

If you have questions or comments on any of our products or concerns, about an order you have placed, please call us at +852 2858 8973.

Q: Can I fax you an order?

A: Sure, please fax your order to +852 2858 2044.



Q: How do I return an order? 

If you have an item you need to return please see our return policy or you can email us at orders@tea-concepts.comor call us at +852 2858 8973.

For more detailed information, please see Returns & Exchanges.



Q: Can I combine discounts?

Discounts cannot be combined. Promotional discounts cannot be used in tandem with loyalty rewards discounts. Discounts cannot be used for gift cards unless specifically marked.

Q: I forgot to apply my coupon code; can I use it retroactively? 

Unfortunately we can't edit orders to apply discount codes to orders that have been placed. 

Q: When will I receive my order?

Your order will reach you within 1-2 working days, if there are any problem with the receiver's info or order items, we will be in touch as soon as we can. 



Q:What is the best way to store tea?

A: Tea leaves oxidise and release their flavour when exposed to air. Tea is best stored in a tightly closed container away from moisture and direct sunlight. Except delicate green teas and yellow teas, do not store in refrigerator or freezer. The humidity in the fridge is not good for tea leaves. There is also a risk that the smell of other foods may be transferred to the tea leaves.

Q: Is there an expiration date? 

A: We set a shelf life for each product. All the products are imported directly from the HARNEY & SONS factory in the suburbs of New York, and they send us the newest stock with the longest shelf life. Tea can be stored for quite a long time if it is in good condition. However, it is recommended that the tea should be consumed as soon as possible after opening to preserve a better flavour.

Q: What is the caffeine content of green tea?

A: The numerical value varies depending on the conditions, so it is difficult to accurately measure how much caffeine a particular tea has. It depends on the amount of tea leaves and the steeping time. Generally speaking, a cup of green tea contains one-third of the caffeine of a cup of coffee.

Q: What is a tea sachet?

A: Our sachets are pyramid food-grade nylon tea bags filled with whole leaves. The advantage of the pyramid sachet is that it provides enough space for tea leaves to expand fully, which is indispensable for making delicious tea.

Q: Is it better to store tea in a freezer?

A: No, do not store tea in the freezer. The freezer has a strong aroma and moisture. It is better to store tea in a airtight container and avoid direct sunlight. Please be aware that tea absorbs strong odours like blotting paper!

Q: What is the difference between herbal tea and decaffeinated tea?

A: Decaffeinated tea is tea that has been through a process to remove its caffeine. Herbal teas, also known as 'tisanes', are infusions with dried fruits, flowers, spices or herbs using similar steeping method, they are naturally free of caffeine.

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