Decaf Ceylon, Loose Tea 4oz
Decaf Ceylon, Loose Tea 4oz
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Decaf Ceylon, Loose Tea 4oz

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Our Decaf Ceylon, also known as Decaf Orange Pekoe, is a high quality black tea with the caffeine removed, yet the depth of flavor remains intact. Customers tell us our Ceylon is the only Decaf that tastes like "real tea."

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Ingredients: Decaffeinated black tea.


Best Before Date: 11 Aug, 2022

Does your tea have an expiration date?

No, our tea does not have an expiration date. We do put lot numbers on our tea, which lets us know when it was produced. We recommend the product be consumed within two years of that date, simply to ensure the best flavour. Of course, we guarantee all of our products, and if you are unhappy with a Harney & Sons product, please let us know.